Monday, March 31, 2008

Bob Bennett in 2010

From GenRolly Speaking:

Any doubts that Utah Sen. Bob Bennett will seek a third term in
2010 can be put to rest.
Utah Jazz owner Larry Miller played host to a campaign strategy
meeting for Bennett's campaign Friday at the Jazz practice facility.
Most of the Utah Republican Party's movers and shakers were in
attendance and 65 attendees pledged to raise $10,000 each to launch
Bennett's campaign.
The senator, who currently is 74, will be 77 on election day,
2010, which makes him old enough to be Strom Thurmond's son during
Thurmond's last term in the Senate.

If he's 77 on election day, that means he'll be 83 when that term ends. Just something for the voters of Utah to consider...


Brian Watkins said...

Wouldn't that add up to four terms and not three for Prince Of Darkness?

Bob said...

You're right!