Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hero of the Month: Rob Miller

One day last week, Rob poked his head into my office and asked me what I was doing there so early (this was about 10:00 AM). My coworker that was there asked him why HE was their so early.

After all, he had been there until 1AM the night before.

And he told us that, instead of going to sleep when he got home, he pulled out his old high school yearbooks and thought about whether people he went to high school would make good candidates. He also looked up their info to see what districts they lived in.

Yes, some candidates fell into his lap. But many of them were the result of the tenacity, the leave no stone unturned nature of Rob Miller.

We have some absolute steals on our ticket, races that are exciting to watch, that I thought would go uncontested just weeks ago.

In the Attorney General's race, we have a candidate who went toe-to-toe with Mark Shurtleff over vouchers in the Supreme Court (and won).

In one Utah County legislative district where we haven't had a candidate in years, we have two.

Utah Democratic Chair Wayne Holland said that "Vice Chair Rob Miller was tireless (and fearless) working the phones and using every trick in the book to persuade Democrats that we have a great opportunity this year to make substantial gains across the board."

I would say he used every trick not in the book, too.


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