Friday, March 14, 2008

SuperDell on KVNU's For the People, blames Corroon for his legal troubles

Republican Salt Lake County Mayoral Candidate "Superdell" Dell Schanze was on KVNU's For the People this evening.

Some highlights:

*According to Schanze, the Chairman of the Republican Party told him that he was "one of the best options" for being their candidate for mayor, since they didn't have anyone else.

*Blamed Peter Corroon for most of his legal and business problems.

*"Having an American in there would really be a positive thing." When asked if Corroon was not an American, said that he used the reference because of Corroon's unwillingness to step in to defend SuperDell.

*Schanze said he is "Very proud of my past."

*When asked if he was seeking the office of Mayor for revenge or for the purpose of serving Salt Lake County, he replied that it was revenge (but that he didn't hold a grudge).

*And, of course, we needed a superhero tagline for SuperDell. And, what do we get?

"Who can you call when crap happens to you?"

To listen to the full interview, head to KVNU's blog. It's about the 8:00 minute mark.


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