Thursday, April 17, 2008

Christian Burridge out as Salt Lake County Democratic Chair

Salt Lake Tribune:

A week after a scheduling snafu delayed for two weeks the Salt Lake County Democratic Convention, the party has ousted first-year Chairman Christian Burridge.
Burridge - still blistering from what he described as an "ambush" from fellow party leaders - resigned today at the urging of his executive board.
"They gave me an ultimatum," he said, "and I called them on it."

Furthering the point, the Executive Committee ousted Executive Director Joe Crockett, who had heroically served these past several months at no cost to the County Party.

The scheduling snafu was not the fault of neither Christian nor Joe. The blame lies squarely at the feet of Jordan High School, who double booked our convention with ACT testing.

Joe tells me that he is grateful that he no longer works for the County Party. Personality conflicts with many of the board members, especially those with minimal political experience, drove him crazy.


P.S. - For those who are going to say that I'm being mean to the board, this is the nice version of the post.


JM Bell said...

I want to read the "not nice" post.

Misty Fowler said...

This really surprises me, Bob. Normally, I'd expect you to consider all sides before throwing one side out as the absolute fact. I'd be willing to bet that there's more to this story than you or I know.

Why is it that Christian went to the media, before the committee could even react? Although I really respect Christian, and have enjoyed working with him through the SL County Democratic Party, that Trib article really makes me think that there are some miffed feelings.

You know, I recently broke up with my boyfriend, who I'm now back together with. I rather regret have told my one-sided version of why we broke up to all of my friends. I wasn't lying to them, but I did want them to believe every nasty thing I had to say about him, without telling any of the rest.

Thankfully, friends understand that sort of thing (and are glad we're back together), but the public doesn't. And all this story is going to do is reflect badly on the Democratic Party as a whole. We're working on so many good things this year, and I hope that the "politics within politics" doesn't hurt that.

Brian Watkins said...

I'm with Dr. JM Bell. The not nice post is always more fun.

Mark Eldridge said...

Three cheers for Joe!

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Anonymous said...

Bob, where have you been? You okay?