Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daily Rant: This needs to stop-gate

OK, there is one thing that would really make me happy.

It's if we could stop using the suffix "-gate" to name a scandal.

Call it scandalgate.

It's stupid, and was barely cute 10 years ago.

You see, back before I was born, there was a scandal named Watergate. It had nothing to do with water. Things happened at the Watergate Hotel.

Then, some 20 years later, there was another scandal involving a President. It was known as the Whitewater investigation. Someone trying to be cute in the media called it Whitewatergate.

See, barely cute.

Whitewatergate morphed into Monicagate. Now, every political scandal is stuck with the -gate suffix.

Think Guzzlegate, Buttarsgate, and BathroomSexGate.

And now, since the national media don't report on actual scandals anymore (torturegate? Blackwatergate?), we're stuck with gaffes made by candidates being stuck with the -gate suffix.

Like Bittergate.

It's stupid, and needs to stop. Now.

I call it gate-gate.


Voice of Utah said...

For those of us who were alive during Watergate, "-gate" has become shorthand for "scandal," but rolls off the tongue more easily.

Jesse Harris said...

I couldn't agree more that the "-gate" bugs the snot out of me.