Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dear Sandy: You think Traffic is bad now? Just wait.

So, Sandy City, land of many cars, is not only building a new soccer stadium, but now wants to build a new "broadway-style" theater.

And, it's not just the theater, but three (yes, three) 30-story office buildings. All within an 11-acre development.

In other words, they want three buildings roughly the size of the Church Office Building in an area roughly the size of the Church Administration Plaza (Including Main Street Plaza).

And we're going to get these people to work how?

In case you haven't noticed, traffic sucks in Sandy many times of day as it is. I'll drive downtown before I try and navigate Sandy traffic.



Jesse Harris said...

With how bad it gets on an expo day, I don't even want to know what game nights are going to look like. Once that stadium opens, I'll spend a lot more time telecommuting than driving to work at Jordan Commons. That's a sad statement since I live a mere 3 miles away.

SLCondensed said...

Oh, stop trying to outdo Salt Lake, Sandy. You are Jan to our Marsha.

Cameron said...

The I-15 traffic is horrible as soon as you get to the Sandy/Draper area. Perhaps that will change if people can work where they live.

Some of the State street traffic issues are caused by construction, both on the stadium and on the road itself. Perhaps that will be alleviated when both projects are finished.

It just seems odd that everyone is so against Sandy increasing its ability to allow its residents to not have to drive so much and so far away for work and entertainment. Seeing as how Sandy is highly populated, and the south end of the Salt Lake Valley is ever increasing in population, it seems to make sense to create ways to keep them closer to home, rather than commuting to SLC all the time. At least it does in terms of air quality and global warming and oil consumption and gas prices.

Pastor Frank said...

I'll admit, for the short time that I lived in Sandy, I immediately noticed the bad traffic. Having driven in downtown Salt Lake and Sandy, give me SLC anyday.