Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mark Shurtleff must be shaking in his boots

Utah's own Denny Crane, Mark "Payday Loan" Shurtleff, is in for a fight this year. His election-year vow to *NOT* prosecute polygamy, not to mention his being wrong multiple times on vouchers, isn't helping him any.

Not to mention that he has a worthy opponent, Jean Welch Hill.

(Video Hat Tip: Utah Amicus)

Jean has already gone toe-to-toe with Shurtleff, and has beat him so often he fired her.

Go figure.



Anonymous said...

Hah...thats funny. Lets be real here. If this election was Salt Lake County only, maybe he would have a real fight. But this a statewide race and there are a lot of straight repub party ticket voters out there.

Jean doesn't have looks, moxy, or firepower to take him down. Spend those Dem dollars on a race you can win (like SLCO council seat).

Bob said...


Utahns are sick of Government paid for by special interests, and an AG that is always wrong.


Chris said...

Payday Loans are what the name implies. When you borrow just what you need to get you to your next payday they are very helpful during financial shortages.

Joe said...

Statewide there are more straight party Democratic tickets punched that straight Republican.

I know, I was surprised too. But you can find the info from the Lt. Gov. with some work, or the Trib reports the same surprising finding every general election.