Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Obama" on the Utah Jazz

Whenever the Utah Jazz season ends, I have to go on a bit of a break from sports for about a week. I'm not a live-or-die Jazz fan, but as an employee of LHM Sports Group, you get caught up in it around playoff time.

However, Tom from KVNU wrote something that took me right out of my post-Jazz funk.

Basically, he took the Obama stump speech, and re-wrote it for the Jazz. Read the whole thing here.

For the Utah Jazz the change they seek isn’t about them- it’s about the fans. The 90 year old Grandmother in Payson who prays for the team each night before going to bed, the construction worker in Ogden who uses the Utah Jazz to unwind after a hard day of labor. It’s about the young mother and father in Smithfield who want to teach their kids the value of hard work by pointing to professional athletes.

It’s a dream built on the shoulders of giants - Stockton, Malone, Dantley, Maravich and Layden. And just as a scrawny point gaurd from Spokane rose to become the greatest point gaurd of all-time, so to can Deron Williams one day lead the league in both assists and steals.


They say that Utah is a sports state made up of Cougars, Utes and Aggies, and that these divisions are too powerful to overcome. They say that the Spectrum will always demolish and humiliate the self worth of Cougars and Utes and that Romney Stadium will always be a mockery of all that is good at USU. But it isn’t about Navy Blue, Powder Blue or Red. I don’t see Wildcat Purple or UVSC green. I see Utah Jazz blue and purple coming together and uniting the State of Utah for an NBA dynasty.

This is our moment, Jazz fans. The moment when the fans of our generation cheers our team on to an improbable championship and dynasty.

Join me in the journey!

The preseason is a little more that 4 months away.....

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