Friday, May 02, 2008

Republican: Corroon Great, Huntsman, not so much

And to think, Corroon is Salt Lake County Republican Chairman James Evans' #1 target...

From today's DNews:

In a meeting last night with the members of our Republican precinct, we all noted how pleased we've been with our county mayor, Peter Corroon — a member of the Democratic Party. We all were particularly impressed by his willingness to stand up and say "no" to funding of the soccer stadium in Sandy. Mayor Corroon has won our admiration. He has proven himself to be a man of principle, and it would seem that he understands the roles that government should and should not play in our society.

Interestingly enough, in that same meeting, we all similarly expressed our dissatisfaction with the performance of our governor, Jon Huntsman Jr. — a member of our own Republican Party. After Mayor Corroon rightly refused funding for the soccer stadium, Gov. Huntsman and the complicit Republicans of the Legislature arrogantly approved the requested stadium funding, in spite of public opinion to the contrary.

Kudos to Mayor Corroon for upholding common sense, the ideals of the Constitution and the Republican Party platform. As for Gov. Huntsman and the Republican leadership in the Legislature, there are many of us who have had enough of your spendthrift, left-leaning ways.


To Mayor Corroon: Should you decide to run for governor, send me an e-mail and you'll have not only my vote but my financial support as well.

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