Monday, May 05, 2008

Republicans embrace vales of Hate, Arrogance

Delegates at the recently completed Salt Lake County Republican Convention showed the true values they embrace: Hate and Arrogance.

Hate: In a story that shocked many political observers, Senator Chris Buttars, known for his years of intolerance to anyone not like him, made it out of convention with 60%of the delegate vote.

Arrogance: Former Rep. LaVar Christensen, who left the House two years ago to run against (and be pummeled by) Jim Matheson, won his party's nomination with 70% of the delegate vote. LaVar walked around the Capitol during the session telling people that God had told him to run. However, God apparently didn't tell anyone to donate to his campaign, because 99.6% of his money has come from himself (to the tune of over $20,000).



Obi wan liberali said...

Buttars isn't a politician who's hateful, intolerant or arrogant. He just plays one for his constituents.

Anonymous said...

The Buttars episode was concocted by the sl trib and channel 4 tv in collusion with dem party operatives.

it was and is a fraud.

in reality the plan was to wound buttars to prevent his opposition to passage of the slc f*a*g marriage registry, and to run him out of office to bring discipline to anyone opposing f*a*g power elite.
you should see my wife's new pickup truck. talk about a dark, and ugly thing. that baby is black.

wake up people and stop letting propagandist control your thoughts. buttars is fine. homos hurt themselves and others through disease and mental illness.

Pete Dunn said...

I see this in-bred doofus paid a visit to you as well. He bothered to prepare a single comment to copy and paste on every blog that mentions Buttars and THIS is the masterpiece he came up with.