Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sen Hatch Proves he's a loon

KVNU's Tom Grover did some live blogging of the Republican State Convention last Saturday. He brings us a report of Senator Orrin Hatch's speech (with my snarky comments for your reading pleasure....)

* Senator Hatch told Ron Paul supporters they need to get behind McCain because if they don’t the United States will end up with liberal activist judges.

I thought that judges were supposed to enforce the Constitution. If I were concerned about the judicial branch, I would pick someone who at least knows what the Constitution says.....
* Senator Hatch said Republicans have a tough time getting their message out because of the liberal media- including the liberal media in Utah.

Yes, because the largest media outlet in the state is KSL TV and Radio, owned by that renowned liberal group the LDS Church.

The #2 newspaper is also owned by The Church, and is run by the former #1 Republican in Utah.

Now, if you want to say that you have trouble getting your message out because of unending David Archeletta coverage, I'll buy that.

* Said Utah is greatest state in the Union.

But didn't take up Pete Ashdown's offer to spend more time in the "greatest state" now did he?

* Said Democrats are weak on intelligence.

This from the guy who, during the largest attack on our nation's soil in my lifetime, got a top-secret briefing, then stepped outside and blabbed the contents of said briefing to the media (who helped him get is message out, BTW).

Oh, and whose intelligence said Saddam had WMD and was involved in 9/11? Just wonderin....
* Said that George W. Bush is underappreciated and a great President (loud cheers).

And the LA Clippers are the best franchise in the history of sports.....


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