Thursday, May 08, 2008

State Convention Endorsements

Here is who has the official Bob Aagard "I'd vote for you" stamp of approval. Which means I've probably just jinxed all of these people.

National Delegate
CD01 Obama Male (2 positions available): Pete Ashdown, Joseph "Joe" Crockett
CD01 Obama Female (1 position + alternate): Nicole "Nikki" Norton, Angela Romero
CD01 Clinton Male (1 position): No Endorsement
CD01 Clinton Female (1 position): Breanne Miller
CD02 Obama Male (2 positions + alternate): Bob Aagard, Kurt Bestor
CD02 Obama Female (2 positions): Sheryl Ginsberg, Misty Fowler
CD02 Clinton Male (1 position): Donald K Dunn
CD02 Clinton Female (1 position): Jenny Wilson
CD03 Obama Male (1 + alternate): Charles G Henderson
CD03 Obama Female (1): No Endorsement
CD03 Clinton Male (1): Corey Rushton
CD03 Clinton Female (1): No Endorsement
PLEO Obama Male: Peter Corroon
PLEO Obama Female: Beth Holbrook
PLEO Clinton Male: Corey Rushton
At-Large: Any of the above not elected, Megan Risbon

DNC Committeeman (2012 Superdelegate): No Endorsement
DNC Committewoman (2012 Superdelegate): Patrice Arent

Governor: Bob Springmeyer

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pashdown said...

Thanks for the plug Bob.