Thursday, May 08, 2008

Utah Republican Party Defrauing Their Voters...

....should I be surprised?

I found today's Daily Buzz segment of Utah Policy Daily quite interesting (italics added by me):

One of the duties of state convention delegates is electing national committee representatives and delegates to the national conventions. On the Republican side, a lot of people with fringe agendas, in addition to party dissidents, seek these positions to give themselves a forum for their views. Because delegates at the state convention often aren’t familiar with a lot of the candidates for the national positions, there’s always a chance that some rather interesting characters will be elected. The GOP national convention will be held this year Sept. 1-4 in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

To attempt to ensure that mainstream national delegates will be elected at the state convention on Saturday who will actually vote for John McCain as the party’s presidential candidate, a preferred slate of national delegates and alternates has been endorsed by McCain and Mitt Romney.

89% of the people who voted in the Republican Primary on February 5 voted to send delegates to the national convention who would actually vote for Mitt Romney.

But, like they always do, Republicans don't give a damn about rules or the will of the people. They'll do whtever serves them best.



Cameron said...

Kinda like a superdelegate.

Bob said...

The problem is, Democratic Superdelegates are simply people who were never bound by anything to vote for whomever they chose.

ALL Republican delegates are pledged, meaning they should vote based on the election of their primary.

It's like if Utah's members of the Electoral College decided in December that, since Obama was going to win anyway, they might as well vote for him, despite McCain winning the state.