Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cannon Fired Over Issues Other Than Immigration

Salt Lake Tribune:

Roughly the same number of voters who were highly concerned about immigration in 2006, when Cannon won his last primary, showed up this time, when Cannon got whipped. Exit poll results show that more of those who said they had a tougher view on undocumented immigrants voted for Cannon's opponent, Jason Chaffetz, but a majority of those who backed plans like a guest-worker program also favored Chaffetz.
Poll numbers point to voters' overall dissatisfaction with government and their own situation. Nearly 70 percent of respondents said the nation was on the wrong track, and a full one-third said their family's financial situation was worse off than a year ago.
Moreover, large majorities of those who said the country was on the wrong track and said their families' finances were worse voted for Chaffetz over Cannon.

A 70% wrong track in one of the most conservative districts in the country? That's when you know things are bad.


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