Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another "Why I'm a Democrat:" Story

So, I read a few non-political blogs (yes, they exist) from time to time. Most of them are written by friends, but some I have no idea why I found them and added them to my Google Reader.

However, sometimes those blogs run something political. Such is the case with The Life I am Choosing:

A new reader, Carissa (welcome to my blog by the way...) asked me to make a case for being a democrat, since she didn't find my balance argument convincing, citing that there are too many mormons in Utah and that half of us should convert to catholicism. I think that is different, because the church does not run the government (for the most part...I acknowledge that some will disagree). I also want to note that in most cases, I typed my views before reading the entire party platform, so although there are some phrases that are the same, it wasn't intentional.

A lot of the reasons why I have chosen to be a democrat have to do with my religious beliefs. I believe that we were given the earth to live on and to be stewards over. That means that we must act responsibly and conserve resources, avoid polluting and otherwise harming the earth as far as is possible. I also believe that we were meant to enjoy the beauty around us and that there needs to be balance as far as land use goes. My Mister, for example, loves to ride dirt bikes. I think it's good that he is able to go out with his brothers and cousins and do something that they all enjoy together. I also think (and he agrees) that he needs to stay on set trails to protect the rest of the land. The world is not his to ride rampantly over.

She then goes on to quote from the Utah Democratic Party Platform on this subject, as well as on welfare, immigration, health care, church and state, abortion, and ethics.

The post is a great read. I highly recommend it!

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