Monday, July 21, 2008

KSL Interview With Grag Curtis Subpoenaed In Bribery Case


The investigation into the scandal over the Republican primary race for state treasurer is moving forward, and prosecutors want to know more about broadcast interviews with key players.

The Davis and Weber county attorneys charged with investigating allegations of bribery in the race have asked KSL News to provide copies of radio and TV interviews. They say they're interested in interviews involving three people, including Speaker of the House Greg Curtis.

Prosecutors sent a subpoena in their criminal investigation to KSL News. They asked for two things: edited and unedited copies of a Doug Wright radio program on KSL Newsradio and an Eyewitness News story.


Now, prosecutors have subpoenaed KSL regarding a Doug Wright radio show from June 23 and a July 10 Richard Piatt story. They're looking for copies of any and all interviews, TV programs and news broadcasts and both edited and unedited versions of interviews with Walker, Ellis and Curtis.


Curtis didn't mince words when KSL-TV asked him if he had anything to do with claims that Walker offered Ellis money. "I'm not gonna comment on that. You know that's an unprofessional question. I did not talk with Mark Walker at all in regards to treasurer's race, salary or anything else," he said.

Meanwhile, prosecutors interviewed Ellis and at least one other witness today. "They had their list of questions; and since it's an ongoing investigation, I'm not at liberty to say much. They just asked their questions," Ellis said.

What isn't clear yet is what Curtis might have said that would be of interest in the investigation. Subpoenas may include witnesses and not necessarily someone criminally involved in the case.

Curtis insists today, the only reason he's being subpoenaed is because he's the only lawmaker to comment on the allegation so far. However, several lawmakers have commented publicly to KSL News, including Steve Mascarao, Phil Reisen and Roz McGee. No legislative leaders have spoken to KSL News except Curtis.

One former county prosecutor Eyewitness News spoke with tells us prosecutors may be interested in that material because they're looking for inconsistent statements, perhaps they have a witness who is refusing to testify, or may just be looking for any new information.

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