Sunday, July 06, 2008

Senator Buttars is Republican, a dark and ugly thing

Salt Lake Tribune:

Mapleton officials say Sen. Chris Buttars repeated his infamous remark about a black baby during a meeting with them this week.
Three city officials - one was Mayor Laurel Brady who has three adopted black children - said Buttars referred at least three times to inflammatory remarks earlier this year, saying of a bill, "this baby is black . . . it's a dark and ugly thing."
The comments, they said, came during a Capitol Hill meeting Wednesday to discuss a Utah County developer's ongoing dispute with the city over a proposed Maple Mountain housing project.
That's not all Buttars said during the meeting, according to the city officials. He also expressed no regret for writing a critical letter to 4th District Judge Derek Pullan who had ruled against the Maple Mountain developer - and Buttars' friend - Wendell Gibby.
That letter prompted Senate leaders to remove Buttars as chairman of the Judicial Confirmation Committee, which makes recommendations on judge appointments.
City Administrator Robert Bradshaw said Buttars appeared to be proud of writing the missive and told the group he would send it "a hundred times over." In addition, he was looking forward to Pullan coming before the Legislature's Judicial Review Committee, said Bradshaw.

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