Monday, July 07, 2008

Utah Democrats wanting a coverup of Republican sex scandal?

I was shocked to see the official blog of the Utah State Democratic Party blasting the local papers for printing a story on a potential Republican sexual harassment scandal.

Instead, the papers should be praised.

Yes, the timing of the story is suspect. The Republican in question is one that has brought Representative Walker before the Ethics Committee. However, that doesn't mean the media should sit on the story.

And, if the USDP took this story seriously, they would see that it shows multiple things about their counterparts:

*It's a REPUBLICAN sex scandal. You know, the party of "Utah values?"
*The fact that party leadership knew about this months ago but quietly shows how willing they are to protect their own, at least until their own stands up to them.

So, I ask my friends at 455 S 300 E: Why not get this out in the open? Why try to defend Rep Mascaro? I know he is on our side on occasion, but it's our job to work for guys with a D behind their name, not the guys with the R.


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