Sunday, August 03, 2008

For Enid Greene: McCain introduced Obama on Dollar Bill CommenWhile I was driving, she was talking about Obama playing the race card, by saying someth

While driving to my friend Shaun's wedding Saturday, I turned on KSL Radio. Guess who has their own radio show?

Enid Greene.

Enid Freakin Greene.

Which lead me to two questions. #1-After JMBel, they'll let anyone on air there, won't they. #2-I think Merrill Cook and I are the only people left without a show on KSL....

But, that's not what this post is about.

While I had her show on, she was talking about "Obama" playing the race card by saying something he has been saying since January.

Well, mostly. Now, he suddenly throws in his face being on money, and that not looking right, and it's the topic of the week.

I have no idea where he would get the idea of him saying Republicans would try to scare people by pointing out that he looks different...


Cameron said...

What did that have to do with looking different?

UtahTeacher said...

I saw this weeks ago and just hadn't gotten around to posting. I'm sorry to burst your bubble of security, but even Merrill Cook can at least guest host--he was on the air on AM 630 "expertly" expounding upon the election when I went to vote in the June primary around noon. I heard him at least one other time that week.

But much more extreme was when I heard Gayle Ruzicka's show a couple Friday's ago. Apparently all public school kids are stupid because us teachers are "secular humanist" brain washers. If you home school, you just need to let them read a lot and they'll be able to comprehend math and any other hard subject because it worked for Ruzicka's engineer grandkids. It's very sad that I am not exaggerating those comments in any way.