Monday, August 11, 2008

John Edwards is well qualified to be John McCain's VP

It's an intriguing story, one I'm surprised members of the media sat on for a long time. A Senator named John who has a fancy for expensive luxury items who sleeps with one woman while married to another woman, who has a severe illness.

2004 and 2008 Presidential Candidate (and 2004 VP nominee) John Edwards?

Wrong. Guess again.

It's 2000 and 2008 Presidential Candidate John McCain.

I wrote about John McCain's affair almost exactly a month ago.

There seems to be only a couple of differences between the affair John Edwards had in 2006 and the affair John McCain had in 1979-1980.

*John McCain's mistress is an heiress, making the choice a financially good one.
*John McCain showed the sanctity of marriage by apply for marriage license #2 while he was still legally married.

And I'm sure that John Edwards' $400 haircut will go well with John McCain's $520 pair of Italian shoes and multiple estates.


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