Sunday, August 24, 2008

Live From Denver: Day 0 Evening Recap

Here's my posts from Sunday of the 2008 Democratic National Convention:


CSPAN had one of their buses at the Presidential Experience Exhibit at INVESCO field. While we were waiting in line, they offered to have some people come and state what their #1 issue was.

Watch the Video at Utah Amicus.

Interfaith Meeting -- Part 1

I had the opportunity to attend the Interfaith Gathering this afternoon. This was the first official convention event.

Here was a place where we could all come together to worship as one. Where Muslim Scarves and Yarmulkes can sit together; where a Catholic could say "amen" to a protestant prayer. We all stood together as children of God.

Bob's Run-in With the Riot police on Sunday.

This is what happens when you make a wrong turn at the wrong time. Click on the link for the video.


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