Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VP pick

I still need to finish wrapping up my DNCC coverage over at Utah Amicus, a process that I probably won't get to until after the weekend. I've been home for about six hours now, I'll be leaving again in 12 hours to go to my cabin That's right, I'm taking a vacation to recover from my vacation.

But, I wanted to talk about McCain's VP pick.


He picks someone who has been a Governor for about as long as my nephew has been alive. He can't talk yet. Before that, she was a mayor and city councilwoman for a small town.

He oldest son is named Track.

Fewer people voted for her in 2006 than voted for Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon in 2004. In fact, Ellis Ivory, who lost to Corroon, had more votes than Sarah Palin.

Where has she established any experience to lead? The City she was a mayor of has a population lower tan Heber, Utah. The state that she is (barely) Governor of has a population 2/3 the size of Salt Lake County.

Why is it important that she have an ability to lead? To paraphrase "West Wing," because John McCain could die. Remember, he's a 72-year-old cancer survivor who had years stipped off his life in a POW camp in Vietnam.

Good luck selling this one, folks.



Cameron said...

"Where has she established any experience to lead?"

How is it that an Obama supporter can, with a straight face, criticize a sitting governor for not being experienced enough?

Mr. Community Organizer is at the top of your ticket. His own running mate doesn't think he has enough experience.

Bubba James said...

Come on Cameron. What Obama brings to the table compared to, ah, what's her name?

Face it, the GOP has just thrown in the towel.

And, I wonder why didn't McCain pick Romney?

Wait, I know why, because his mother doesn't like Mormons.

Anonymous said...


It is John McCain and the Republicans that have established Experience as the sole requirement to be President.

Cameron said...

Along with every single one of Obama's primary opponents, including his vp choice and several key speakers at his convention.

Rocky said...

I'd still have Obama's experience than Gidget's utter lack of experience.

Mayor of a town of between 6-9,000? Governor for a year and a half?

Hell, By those Standards, I'm almost qualified to be VP.