Monday, August 18, 2008

My much needed break

Last week, I had many things weighing pretty heavily on my mind. Seven of them, in fact. When I have multiple things weighing down on me at once, I start to get really irritable, and tend to do alienate people. Things really started to dogpile on me.

I knew this had to change, and change quickly. Usually, when I need to clear my mind, I take a nice long drive. Just me and the open road with nowhere in particular to go. Sometimes, it's taking the scenic route to a ward camping trip (Green River by way of Gunnison and Torrey, a 13-hour trip, was my favorite), other times have meant lunch in Wendover or Evanston.

That was before $4 gas.

So, when a friend called to invite me on an impromptu camping trip, I jumped. No cell phone, no computer. No worries.

Well, eliminating six of the seven worries for a few days.

While it didn't solve my problems (except the one that came on my trip with me, which is half-solved), the trip offered a lot of down time that helped me refocus my priorities. I'm at a point in my life for a fresh start, and now I know just where that fresh start will take me.



Rob said...

I know how you feel Bob. I haven't actually had a real vacation for years. I have gone to several Democratic events and I enjoy those opportunities but it's not the same as taking a real vacation.

See you in Denver!

bekkieann said...

Same here - no vacation in years that is (oh well 3 days in Vegas last year, does that count?). But Bob, gas price aside, have you ever taken the Hwy 12 drive from Torrey to Bryce Canyon? Utterly breathtaking and yet a great road, nothing my little Altima can't handle. That drive's my absolute favorite.

Bob said...

Next time I'm down there, I want to do bryce and capitol reef in the same trip....