Thursday, September 18, 2008

From Jay Seegmiller: Let's Get Government Back On Track

Dear Friends:

I'm writing to give you a chance to help us get rid of House Speaker Greg Curtis. Make your contribution today.

In 2006, Jay Seegmiller lost his election to Republican House Speaker Greg Curtis, by JUST 18 VOTES. With your help, Jay can win in 2008, and we can make a significant impact in the insider dealing and backroom politics that Speaker Curtis has promoted on the Hill.

Rather than listening to and responding to their constituents, Speaker Curtis and his Republican colleagues in the Utah Legislature continue to railroad legislation through with the sole purpose of helping their friends and special interests.

That is why we are excited to tell you about Jay Seegmiller. Jay has worked hard for his community on education and ethics reform and will work diligently to represent the interests of all Utahns. Most importantly, I look forward to working with Jay on public education initiatives that ensure our children and teachers have the resources to succeed.

Jay cannot win this race alone. That is why we are working to help Jay raise the funds needed to compete and win. Send your contribution to Jay Seegmiller today. Thank you for your commitment to Utah's future.

Wayne Holland
Chair, Utah Democratic Party

I think the railroad puns are funny. Jay Seegmiller is (was?) a train conductor......


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