Monday, September 29, 2008

"Governor" Huntsman Can't Be Bothered to Govern -- it's Friday, you Know.....

Out of Context:

At the end of Friday's legislative session, Rep. Gordon Snow was appointed to lead a committee to let Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. know that lawmakers had finished their work and were ready to adjourn and head home.

After a while, Snow returned to report to his colleagues: The committee went to the governor's office "but as you know, it's Friday, and you know what happens on Friday," Snow said. He was referring Huntsman's recent initiative, closing state offices on Fridays in an effort to save money and energy.

"He left us a note thanking us. He'll be back on Monday and find our note," said Snow.

Really, Governor? You ask the legislators to come back to work a couple of days, but you can't be bothered to give up a little time on a Friday to hear their report?

What about other times we need a Governor on a Friday? We'll have to wait until Monday?


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