Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain/Palin: Question from voter "Gotcha Journalism"

Notice a few things from this clip:

1) It's both a question from a voter and gotcha journalism
2) Katie Couric Twice shoots them a "are you effing kidding me!?" look
3) Instead of allowing her to be the strong woman she supposedly is, John McCain has to jump in and save the day.
4) Palin *does* try to get cute when backed into a corner....

Much like he jumped in to save the economy or something....

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rmwarnick said...

The issue of what to do about Al-Qaeda and other armed extremists coming into Afghanistan from bases in Pakistan deserves intelligent discussion.

Earlier in the campaign, McCain tried to demagogue this in order to paint Obama as "naive." That didn't work because it turned out that Obama's proposed policy was the same thing the Bush administration was already doing, or at least unsuccessfully trying to do.

Now McCain's position on this is nonsensical. If Sarah Palin doesn't understand it, then she's not alone!