Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mr Chaffetz, I demand an apology

The following is an e-mail that I just sent to Jason Chaffetz, and his campaign staff. I'll keep you up to date on any response I get.

Rob over at the Utah Amicus has the video.

Mr Chaffetz-

On Tuesday, September 9, you were in a debate with your opponent at the Sutherland Institute. While answering a question, you stated that you were a Democrat until you learned how to read and write.

By saying this, you have implied that Democrats are illiterate. If not illiterate, then just plain stupid.

Personally, I take exception to this. I entered Kindergarten reading on a second-grade level. I left elementary school reading on a high school level.

All I am asking from you is a simple apology not only to me, but to the thousands of other Democrats who are insulted by your comments. I would also like to ask for a commitment to stop playing partisan games.

I don't live in your district, so you probably don't care about me or my opinions.

-Bob Aagard
Holladay, Utah


Davis Didjeridu said...

Well you do live in his district, but he doesn't live in the district he's running for.

Bob said...

VERY good point!

Anonymous said...

I watched the video. I wasn't offended. Did you see Jason saying that Matheson had a good bill that Chaffetz would be willing to support, and he didn't care who got the credit. That is the attitude we want. Jason may have had a week reason as to why he switched parties years ago, but this was a joke at the Sutherland Institute. I thought it was funny.

Jessica said...

Chaffetz is an idiot. I'll be interested to hear if responds. I'm sure you heard about how he wants to put all the immigrants in tent cities right?? He makes me want Chris Cannon back and that, my friend, is a scary wish.

Utah said...

Jason never said to round up all the illegal immigrants and put them in tents. That was La Raza telling Mr. Honda that was what Jason meant.

Chris got in trouble with two items: He stopped responding to citizen email/letters for a while, and people got frustraighted that he would vote for bills he didn't support saying the bills would be worse if he didn't vote for them.

After a dozen years, people got tired of it. Chris was and is a good man. So is Jason. Bennion seems OK. The question is what you want as a representative.