Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summitt GOP Chair Hopes For Lower Turnout

What an ass:

Summit County Republican Party Chairman David Ure agreed but claimed young people will not go to the polls in great numbers in November.

"It's a proven fact that the older you are the higher chance you have of voting," Ure said Tuesday. "Eighteen-year-olds, 20-year-olds, 23-year-olds, unless they have served in the armed forces, have never sacrificed for their country."

Ure joked that he is praying for a snowstorm on Election Day.

"Because then only those who really have respect for the process will show up," Ure said. "That's what's happened for decades here in this country."

Obama does appeal more than McCain to younger voters, admitted Ure.

"But they're voting on emotion not on a philosophical deep value of why it is important for me to cast my vote for the person who is really true to my convictions," Ure said. "The young people are still being molded They don't understand what their forefathers have sacrificed."

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