Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can I host a house party for Sen Buttars? Please?

I really want to host a house party for Senator Buttars. I mean, after all, he gets lie zero votes up here in Holladay.....

Two months ago, 19-year-old Utahn Apollo Pazell was in the national spotlight, giving a nominating speech for Sen. Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.
He caught the party's attention again this week when campaign reports showed that Pazell, who had been Democrat John Rendell's campaign manager until July, received $1,000 from Rendell's opponent, Republican Sen. Chris Buttars.
Buttars said Pazell called him about two months ago, saying he had left the Rendell campaign because he was disgusted with Rendell's use of the satirical play "Saturday's Voyeur," which skewered Buttars mercilessly, for a campaign event. Buttars said Pazell put up lawn signs and organized community meetings in Copperton, where Pazell lives, and was paid $1,000.
"I've never done well in Copperton and he's from there. He did a good job setting me up with the [town] council," Buttars said. "I'm tickled with what he did for me as far as lining up the meetings."
Pazell says he didn't put up signs, but did organize a meeting in Copperton, a meeting similar to one he organized free of charge for Rendell.
He said he was being "idealistic," and trying to help Copperton voters know who was running to represent them. "I unequivocally support John Rendell. I will vote for him, and I urge other people to vote for him," Pazell said.


Anonymous said...

What a stupid thing to do.

Jason The said...

Man. Makes we wish I could take back being so friendly at the morning breakfasts!