Monday, November 10, 2008

Looking Forward: Election 2010

So, with 2008 behind us, it's time to look at future elections.

The top of the 2010 Utah ticket will be a US Senate race. Bob Bennett will be seeking a fourth term at the age of 77. There is much speculation that Bennett will retire. If he chooses to run, he'll probably be free of serious challengers from inside the Republican party. If he does retire, several names will throw their name in the ring. Huntsman may go back on his pledge to serve a full term. Other names to look for are Chaffetz, Cannon, Bishop, and Curtis. On the Democratic side, Pete Ashdown is rumored to be in the running, and party insiders want Jim Matheson or Peter Corroon to run.

The race for US House will be interesting. If the DC Voting Rights Act passes, we'll see a fourth house seat. And, if Jim Matheson runs for Bennett's seat, his seat will be wide open. Look for all of the above names to run here, along with Urquhardt and Bramble throwing in.


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