Saturday, November 08, 2008

Was JMBell mistaken as a Denver Police Officer?

When we were in Denver, you may remember when Jeff got sprayed by the Denver PD in the middle of a "riot." If not, here's a small reminder:

Some kind of riot … I got tear gassed

I was driving away from the Denver Convention Center and all hell broke loose at 15th and Court street.

There were riot cops suddenly swarming in, by the hundreds (seriously) from every direction. Fast response vehicles, mounted police, foot troops, and everyone wearing tie-fighter amour.

I have no idea what the hell was happening, but gun shots were heard, heads were bonked and pepper spray was shared liberally (see what I did there?) over the area. All the time more and more riot cops swarmed into the area.

I watched a lot of people getting yelled at by the cops as i stood there and watched. I wasn’t running around and screaming, nor was I yelling at the cops like some of the chuckleheads.


That’s when the cloud of tear gas hit me. I’m heading back to the Hotel to scrub out my eyes.

For the record: I hate the smell of tear gas.

To my recollection, this was the only reported use of tear gas at the DNC. Which leads me to ask some obvious questions in light of this story from KWGN - Denver:

The American Civil Liberties Union says undercover
police officers posing as protesters staged a violent confrontation
with another officer during the Democratic convention in Denver.

The ACLU said it obtained a police document
showing the undercover officers pretended to struggle with a police
commander so they could be removed from the crowd without blowing
their cover.

The ACLU says another officer thought the commander was being
attacked and pepper-sprayed the undercover officers.

It's not clear how many officers were involved or how they were
affected by the spray.

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