Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Greatest Inspirational Speech ever on film

If this doesn't get you fired up to go do something, you have no soul.

(Stolen from JMBell.)


Jason The said...

Okay, but what do I do now after watching that at 1 AM? I'm definitely fired up, but I'm limited on options that wouldn't get my neighbors just as fired up in a less positive way. Damn my bad timing! I'll have to watch this again in the morning. :)

Obi wan liberali said...

Sing no nobis or te deum, but I speak for myself, that I fully plan on kicking some neocon ass. For on St. Chrispin's day, I shall oppose those who would drag our Republic down, and marginalize our heritage with torture, unlawful detention or surveillance.

Stand with me, lords of Salisbury, warwick, or westmoreland. Even the Duke of York might join us if our souls be without doubt or illegitimacy. For our cause is just, and even Harry, in his autocratic best, would be loath to accept the rule of law (except as it pertains to the Earl of March).

Read a little history and return and report.

Best regards.