Sunday, December 28, 2008

What has Bush Done? Anyone?

I originally wrote this as a comment to a post on Hiram Bertoch's Blog. However, since it got excessively long for a comment, I posted it here.

The original post stated:

On Meet The Press this morning, the usual talking heads discussed the legacy of President George W. Bush. They talked about him as though he were a failed president, and each suggested that history would remember him that way.

Wishful thinking…

I have no doubt that many who are so entrenched in hatred on the left will continue to espouse hatred towards him in the future. It is not uncommon for superficial and surface thinking short-term focused people to respond this way towards people they disagree with.

Nevertheless, history will have a much more unbiased view. As the world moves on, as hateful people refocus their hatred on others who they disagree with who have current powers, and as the world has an opportunity to view the actual results of Bush’s presidency, and consider the incredible organization that thwarted any additional terrorist attacks against this nation, history will have a favorable opinion of President Bush.

Why some would be so invested in hatred, and so hopeful that others will join them in that hate is at best rather odd.

What has he done (other than not get attacked in the US since the Anthrax scare)?

Osama bin Laden? Still alive and kickin.

The Taliban? Making a resurgence.

The person who sent anthrax to the media and Congress? Well, they announced that someone was a suspect right after he committed suicide.

Iraq? The real treat that Iraq posed to the US is debatable. The reality is that, while democratically elected, there are fewer freedoms (especially freedom of religion) in Iraq than there were prior to 2003.

By taking longer to win two wars than it took to win WWII, he made it impossible for threats to other nations to hold any water. Iran and North Korea have told us "You and what army?"

By giving tax cuts to the wealthy, he ensured that the rich got richer. However, those funds never trickled down to the rest of us. Just like the lesson we learned when Regan did it in the 1980's. There's a reason why his dad called it "voodoo economics."

By making it nearly impossible for people to file for bankruptcy, it became difficult for people who had encountered tough times to get a leg up, he ensured those people would go into default, which is even worse.

By appointing ineffective people to high government positions, he insured that government would be ineffective.

So, I ask you? What has Bush done?


Paul Mero said...

1. Kept America safe since 9/11 (a feat you dismiss too ignorantly).


2. Further the Democrat agenda to expand government.

Bob said...


1. We're safe? Really? Funny. I don't buy it.

We're safe in the same sense that someone riding a motorcycle at 125 mph is safe.

Terrorist groups (and terrorist numbers) are at their highest. Two nations that had no nukes 8 years ago are well on their way to having them. And, one of those nations (North Korea) has missiles that can reach Hawaii.

2. There are numerous differences between Republican big government and Democratic big government.

Frank Staheli said...

I agree with Paul Mero often, but on this occasion I agree only 50%. We have so far been lucky that we haven't been attacked on a scale similar to 9/11. Bush and his Homeland cronies have only given the pretense of improving our security.


In answer to the title of your article, my answer is NOTHING. George W. Bush has been a complete waste of time, or maybe even worse.

Paul Mero said...

Bob...America hasn't been attacked since 9/11...a fact within the credit or blame of GWB. You're a bright guy...what don't you understand about that?

GWB didn't create the 125 mph motorcycle or terrorists. And, unless you're proposing that GWB should have attacked Iran and North Korea, then he's not culpable for those nation's nukes.

And there is no difference between Republican big government and Democrat big government...big is big and government is government. The only difference is that there are still Republican Party politicians who don't believe in Big Government.

And Frank, my friend, if it's all been "luck" then everything in life is luck...might as well not do anything, right? That's the definition of "luck"...the outcomes are not determined by reasoned action, just the flip of a better, no worse because of what we do.

I don't believe that.

rmwarnick said...

I'll bottom-line it for Paul Mero, since he obviously is still in love with Bush and unable to think logically.

More Americans died from terrorism while George W. Bush has been President than in any other administration. Verdict of History.

So forget that line about "he kept us safe." Maybe try AIDS in Africa?

Bob said...


Would you say that Bill Clinton kept America safe from foreign terrorists post-2/26/93 (The first attack on the trade center)? After all, it was a longer period from that attack to 9/11/01 than from 9/11/01 until now.

And, as far as big government goes, that is a new post all to itself. I have yet to find anyone in either of the two parties that doesn't see some big government. Even Sutherland.