Tuesday, January 20, 2009

-3 hours: Chivalry is not dead

Chivalry is not dead my friends.

I watched President-Elect and Michelle Obama walk from Blair House to his limo, ride the block or two to church, and then walk in.

However, how they did it was what impressed me the most.

They both walked to the driver's side of the car. Michelle got in, and after she was in, Barack walked around the car to get in on his side.

Like a gentleman.

Then, at the church, they waited for the secret service to open the doors. Barack got out on the side facing the church. He could have just stood and waited for his wife. However, being a gentleman, he met her at the back of the car, then walked hand-in-hand to the steps of the church to meet the minister.

Then, after meeting with the minister, he let his wife walk through the door in front of him.

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