Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Congressman Chaffetz On ABC, Colbert Tonight

I remember a time when you could hardly turn on a TV on Sunday morning without seeing Orrin Hatch. After he revealed classified info on 9/11 to CNN and FoxNews, he stopped giving as good of interviews. And, if you become a bad interview, nobody wants to talk to you. Chris Cannon seemed to fill that role for a while, but only if the camera belonged to Fox. Then, when he bacame a lame duck, he vanshed from the airwaves.

And now it appears someone has taken their place.

My sources (Facebook) tell me that newly-sworn in Utah Congressman Jason Caffetz (who lives in my district yet does not represent me) will be on the last segment of ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson tonight talking about his cot.

And, even later tonight, you can catch Congressman Chaffetz on The Colbert Report.

I probably won't catch him with Charlie, but I promise video of Colbert tomorrow.


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