Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Investigate Hatch?

Ethan brought up a very good point last week:

As a citizen of Utah, I ask an investigation be opened into Senator Orrin Hatch’s involvement in the pardon of John Forte.

John Forte is a well known successful musician and producer who recently publicly said of Senator Hatch:

“I am looking forward to putting our creative minds together in the studio, sooner rather than later”

This disturbing statement obviously raises questions of quid pro quo.

I believe the people of Utah deserve to know that the authority we grant to Senator Orrin Hatch is not being peddled for personal gain.

I call on Senator Orrin Hatch to disclose all communication he has had with John Forte, Forte advocates, and Forte attorneys.

This would include any contact with Carley Simon, an aggressive Forte advocate and someone from whom Senator Orrin Hatch has already obtained direct personal benefit in the form of a song recording.

While I don't think an all-out investigation would ever go forward, it is interesting to me that Hatch would push for this pardon when he seems so unwilling to help people who actually live in Utah.


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Anonymous said...

I thought someone was finally going to look into JOE Hatch and Horiuchi. Guess I had the wrong Hatch. Look into this Hatch too, I am sure he deserves it.