Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The myth that liberal states have higher teenage pregnancy rates

The Center for Disease Control issued the latest numbers for births in the United States this morning, using data from 2006.

In Utah, 3.4% of girls aged 15-19 gave birth. That number is probably a little higher than an "unwed teenage pregnancy number" because of the fact that we have a high number of 18-19 year old girls getting married. However, the number is below the national average.

However, what most interested me was what states had lower rates than us. The states with the lowest teen birth rates:

1. New Hampshire 1.87%
2. Vermont 2.08%
3. Massachusetts 2.13%
4. Connecticut 2.35%
5. New Jersey 2.49%
6. New York 2.57%
7. Maine 2.58%
8. North Dakota 2.65%
9. Rhode Island 2.78%
10. Minnesota 2.79%
11. Wisconsin 3.09%
12. Pennsylvania 3.10%
13. Iowa 3.29%
14. Nebraska 3.34% (tie)
14. Washington 3.34% (tie)
15. Maryland 3.36%
16. Michigan 3.38%
17. Utah 3.40%

So much for the theory that Conservative kids don't have babies.




JHP said...

Does that include all teenage girls or just unmarried ones?

I suspect that if you eliminate married Utah girls (lots of 18- and 19- year old married LDS girls that have kids) that Utah would rise in the rankings with a lower rate.

That might not affect the high rankings of the more liberal states very much, but it would probably affect Utah's ranking.

JHP said...

Never mind, Bob, I should have read your whole post. You already pointed that out. Sorry...

Marshall said...

Does it matter? Married or not is a 18 or 19 year old ready to bring a life into this world.

Especially in the first year of marriage!

Then throw in the fact that half these horny teenagers are only getting married to get it on and we have a prescription for disaster. Here is a novel idea, why don't we encourage the women to worry about getting an education first and popping out kids second.

Someone, anyone needs to inform some people that we don't need to repopulate the earth, please wait a couple of years to have kids, it won't kill you.