Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can we please stop calling it Amendment 3?

There is no such thing in the Utah Constitution as Amendment 3.

It's not there.

Look it up.

Back in 2004, it was called Amendment 3 to differentiate it from the other two amendments being proposed that year. In 2008, the amendments were lettered, not numbered.

However, the numbering was just for the purposes of election day.

Now, it's Article I, Section 29 of the Utah State Constitution.

Let's start calling it that, OK?



Frank Staheli said...

Did you mean "Article 1, Section 29"?

By the way, thanks for correcting me. I just made an "edit" in the article that I just wrote on the subject on Simple Utah Mormon Politics.


Sukadik said...

GO BOB!!!!! Your intellect is amazing!

Bob said...

Thanks. Fixed.