Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gov Huntsman Needs to Come Out of the Closet

No, not that closet, even though I had someone tell me last night they thought he was, you know, not straight.

And I don't mean Jason Chaffetz's closet, either.

What I mean is that Jon Huntsman needs to come out and admit what he really is.

A Democrat.

Hold a press conference, and let the Republicans know that since they don't want him any more, he's leaving.

And joining the other team.

Pulling a Jim Jeffords, if you will.

Heck, he'd be more of a leader than our party has seen in a really long time.

So, go ahead, Republicans. Tell Jon Huntsman he isn't a good Republican.

'Cause we'd take him in a heartbeat.

For more on Huntsman's Democratic credentials, check out this from Paul Rolly:

The latest clue to Huntsman's true political identity came Monday in a Salt Lake Tribune story when a spokesperson said he
favored having a domestic partnership program in Utah in which same-sex couple could claim many of the same rights afforded to married couples without the declaration of marriage.
If that isn't enough to make the Utah Republican hierarchy lose its vouchers, he also believes in cap and trade agreements and other initiatives to reduce pollution, a softer, more humane approach to illegal immigration and a relaxation of some of Utah's stringent alcohol control laws.
Holy Buttars.
He even believes in bonding and dipping into the rainy day fund to save education and health care programs.
A close look at Huntsman's policy positions should convince anyone that he fits the political profile of the moder, conservative western-style Democrat.


Ryan said...


I usually agree with you.

However, I think Gov. Huntsman does FAR more good as a Republican who happens to support civil unions, than as a Democrat who happens to support civil unions.

He's already divided his party as it is by supporting gay rights... him claiming to be a Democrat would just drive that divide deeper.

I prefer a progressive Republican over a conservative Democrat anyday.

Bob said...

There's where I disagree with you.

You see, I'm looking at what's best for Democrats in this state. Having a popular Governor who is a Democrat will help people go "You know, Democrats aren't bad people After all"

It also blows a giant hole in the "Republican Big Tent."

Salt Lake City Web Design said...

They can Jim and we'll take Huntsman, sounds like a fair trade.

-guy warner

Cameron said...

And that blows a hole in the "Democratic Big Tent"...

Misty Fowler said...

While I would agree that normally in Utah, anyone with a lick of common sense is usually a Democrat, I don't think it's true in this case. Huntsman simply defies the stereotype. And gives us hope.