Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Huntsman Still More Popular Than Jesus

Even since Governor Huntsman's declaration last week that he supports the Common Ground bills in addition to Civil Unions, the right has been in a tizzy, saying that Huntsman doesn't side with 60% of Utahans on the issue.

I've been wondering about that one. It didn't seem completely right.

So, I've been anticipating this poll from Dan Jones for KSL/DesNews:

In a new Deseret News/KSL-TV poll, 67 percent of Utahns said the governor's recent announcement supporting civil unions either made no difference or gave them a more favorable opinion of him. Thirty-two percent said their opinions of the governor were negatively impacted by his announcement last week.

So, only 1/3 of his constituents think less of him because of this.

Probably the third that didn't know he was a moderate.

Overall, however, with 80 percent of Utahns still approving of the job Huntsman is doing, the governor's "political bombshell" seems to have created minimal fallout away from Capitol Hill.

Sure, that number was 90% last month, but 80% is pretty dang good. I'd bet that Jesus wouldn't even get 80% approval ratings in Utah.

Now, here comes the question of civil unions:

Forty-seven percent of those polled supported civil unions compared to 42 percent who did not, according to the survey.

OK, the difference is within the margin of error, but it looks like more people in this state favor civil unions than oppose them.


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David said...

Count one person (who knew Huntsman was a moderate, who was not his biggest fan before that announcement, and who supports the Common Ground Initiative) who has a less favorable opinion of the Governor after that announcement than before.