Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Optimism of Waddoups

Some people wish for the patience of Job.

I want the optimism of Senator Waddoups. From his opening speech as Senate President two weeks ago:

"I prefer to look on the bright side. Things aren't as gloomy as some would have us believe," Waddoups said. "Revenues are down a little, but we can still eat, we can have homes, we have health care, we have color TV … and most still have jobs."

We can still eat, except for those who can't afford to. Not to mention the fact that we have no idea how safe our food supply is.

We have homes, except those who have been foreclosed on. Anyone want to make a visit with me to The Road Home and congratulate them on having a home with me?

Well, you have health care. Have you ever tried to fight strep without meds? It ain't color TV?

Ad, speaking of color TV's, since when was that a necessity? And can you even buy a black and white?

And fewer people have jobs than when he said this. Go figure.


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