Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Baggers' irony

As I'm sure you've heard, the GOP is going to do what they do best today: solve the mote in Democrats' eye by complaining about it (but not actually DOING something), all the while ignoring the beam in their own eye. They have called today TEA BAG day to protest how much taxes have gone up (really? really. Someone forgot to tell them who's been running the show the past 8 years...), and are having tea bag parties all over the country, including here in Utah.

Nobody informed Jason Chaffetz, Rob Bishop, or Mark Shurtleff (all of whom are attending the SLC tea bagging at the Federal Building) how gay a term that is. Chris Buttars knows it's a form of sexual activity practiced by gay people, and is getting a good laugh at it.

I might add that my Utah tax liability is 462.5% that of my federal tax liability. That's because of a huge tax increase at the hands of the GOP legislature, but that's for another post.

There is some irony about today's events (aside from all the gay talk), from Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog:

I wonder how many tea baggers will be protesting against "socialism" while gathering at publicly financed parks and outside publicly financed buildings -- you know, socialist facilities that wouldn't exist without taxes and wealth redistribution. In Georgia, for example, almost every single tea bag event is taking place at a county courthouse, at a park, at a town square, at a city hall and so forth.

Socialism huzzah!


P.S. I wonder if, in Utah, they are going to be tea bagging herbally. I don't even want to know what that means.....


JHP said...

I've never noticed sexual innuendo on your's disappointing to see it here.

Anyway, are these people Republicans or are they just people who want lower taxes in general? Are they blaming everything on the Democrats? I don't know anything about these parties, but how are they different from any other rally held by any activist on either side of the aisle? I'm not getting why it's wrong or stupid or whatever for people to gather in protest of high taxes if that's what they feel strongly about.

Bob Cesca's quote doesn't make much sense to me. A publicly financed building or park does not represent socialism, since those facilities are available equally to any citizen. And even if these people think they are, then where better to protest than at those very facilities?

Sorry, Bob, I'm just not getting this one very well, but maybe it's just me.

David said...

I see one small problem with calling it ironic that the tea parties are taking place at city halls and county courthouses etc. - of all the publicly financed projects out there those are some of the most legitimate ones. Unless you are an anarchist it only makes sense that the public should pay for the building of a city hall.