Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jim Matheson to run for ..... Something in 2010

Utah's Second District Congressman Jim Matheson is probably the most powerful man in Utah Democratic politics right now. He tells KTVX that he's considering running for Senate or Governor next year if he doesn't run for reelection. Let's look at some pros and cons of each race:

Congress: He'd be looking at his sixth term if elected, which is a high probability. The higher-profile races are drawing Republicans away from this race. Matheson's leaving for higher office could open the door to someone else from the Dems stepping up. Also,should Matheson announce his decision to leave the house early enough, look for a Republican that won't win one of the other races will jump in.

Senate: Sam Granato will be officially announcing his candidacy on Monday, so Matheson jumping in could lead to a intra-party battle to riva the GOP's.

Governor: There is a large online movement to draft Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon to run for this office. Should Matheson run for a this position, Corroon could pull a Chaffetz and run (If memory serves me right,the Corroons live on H Street. The east side of I street is in the 2nd district).

However, The least you can say is that it is a fun time to be a political junkie in Utah!


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