Saturday, June 20, 2009

11:15 AM Wayne Holland's first speech

Chairman holland gets to speak as chairman and later as candidate.

(this is quick and dirty, and not verbatum)

President obama, senator franken, and chairman joe hatch are our successes

many heros in the word, troops, etc. other couragous heros are dem elected officials and candidates. some are a cycle away.

and it's you, the precinct chair, vice chairs, etc.

today, after to successful election cycles, we meet in the shadow of five successful canpaigns no more walker, curtis, christienson.

weber and utah county, some candidates performed better and are poised for victory.

we need to move forward.

our nation is again proud of our president. america, freedom, democracy.

as we move forward, let us imagine sometime in the next decade, the speaker's gavel in litvack's hand, president's chair filled by sen jones, and the chance to elect a demo governor.

and we can and will elect a us senator.

the 2010 election starts today.

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