Monday, June 22, 2009

Nebo School District Bond Election Tomorrow

June is an awful time to hold an election. So, if you want the voters to "give" their ok on something,do it when the smallest number of people will show.

Holly on the Hill has more:

There’s a saying that sunlight is the best disinfectant and right now, the Nebo School District needs some disinfectant. With almost no notice, on an off-time, the Nebo district is holding a bond election which will raise taxes an average of $300 per household. In a down economy and trying to sneak it in under the radar is under-handed and just plain wrong. To compound the problem, there are only 7 polling places instead of 30+ and half of those are in different locations.

Royce van Tassel of the Utah Taxpayer’s Association says the June election is an underhanded way of trying to pass a bond without the residents’ participation. If Nebo School District was confident in the measure, they should have waited until November, when voter turnout is sure to be higher. “It seems all too clear”, he said, “that the Nebo School District doesn’t want the taxpayers to weigh in on this.”

Nebo district is the southern half of Utah County.



Patty said...

The voting in Spanish Fork seems light. I agree this was a waste of tax payer money. How is it fair that those (the school board) in charge of the election has the most interest in it. That doesn't seem right.


Rod said...

I found this because I am searching for someone to vote for on the school board if anyone is running.

I totally agree with you! I saw a big rise in my escrow payments this year. I actually remember my sister-in-law, who is a 5th grade teacher, encouraging us all to go vote for the bond! Nebo school district is the 5th largest employer in Utah County. If they encourage just their employees to vote they would have a good chance of overpowering any June election.