Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sen Bennett Defends his Pro-Tobaco Vote

In summary: "I'm not pro big-tobacco, I'm pro-small tobacco. And Another Government agency.

And I believe you are five.:

The Video:


arc said...

While I am hoping Bob Bennett comes in 3rd place at the convention next year, the video makes sense. He is very good at explaining why he voted for something you were surprised with.

Yes, I am hoping Cherilyn Eagar will win next year at convention.

Jason The said...

Oh I hope Cherilyn Eager wins too, but probably not for the same reasons as Chaffetz's personal commenter (arc) does...

She said 'socialist gnomes'... that would be one hilarious campaign to watch choke itself to death on idiocy. Also, Sam would win... that would be a plus.

Anonymous said...

After Huntsman's departure, Bennett is the one sane Republican remaining in state leadership. I can't wait to see the Utah GOP get rid of him.