Monday, June 29, 2009

UTA, Rep Dougall; Bikes vs Segways

The Federal Stimulus money comes with some strings attached.

For UTA, those strings required that some of the money they got be spent on security.

They opted to buy six Segways.

And Rep Dougall (R-Highland) doesn't like it:

"Sounds like they got some fun toys," said state Rep. John Dougall, R-Highland. "Wouldn't bicycles be more effective? If they're talking downtown Salt Lake, bikes would be healthier and more cost-effective."

Not that Dougall would support federal dollars for bikes, which UTA cops already had before the stimulus grant.

Bikes are illogical. Think about it: They either have to stay on their bikes or stop to lock them up.

Reading the article in the Trib, I started out against them (even though they were more effective than bikes), but grew to think it wasn't a bad idea from UTA.

What do you think?

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