Monday, July 20, 2009

"Best Health Care in the World" Kills California Teen

"Beware Government Health Care because some bureaucrat will decide whether or not you get treatment instead of your doctors."

Because that doesn't happen now, right? Right? We're the United States of America! We have the best health care in the world, right?


The lawyer for California teen Nataline Sarkisyan charged today that the only reason Cigna Health Care officials changed their minds and approved a liver transplant for the desperate girl was they knew it was too late and they wouldn't have to pay for it.

Sarkisyan, 17, died Thursday just hours after Cigna reversed its decision and approved the procedure it had previously described as "too experimental…and unproven." Now the Sarkisyan family hopes manslaughter or murder charges will be pressed.


"All of the doctors there unanimously agreed that she needed and should have that liver transplant. And the only entity, if you will, who said no to that in the middle of that medical decision, was some piece of garbage who decided that making a couple of dollars, or saving them a couple of dollars, was worth more than the 65% chance over six months that she would survive," said Geragos.

I hope there is a special corner of Hell reserved for people who are OK with this.



Phil Windley said...

Bob, are you implying that you believe that in a government-backed health care system things like liver tranplants would be more accessible? If so, please provide some statistics. How do numbers compare between say Canada, Japan, England, and the US for liver transplant approval?

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