Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Game this Poll

JM Bell points out that Speaker Dave Clark pulled his poll from his blog:

I wrote earlier about a poll that Dave Clark had on his “blog” about redistricting. He obviously expected to be visited by sycophants and instead heard from real Utahns, so, like any Utah Republican’t – he removed the poll because his point of view was getting waffle stomped.

Way to keep the “run and hide” traditions of the Utah Republican’t Party alive and kicking, Dave.

Now, it's obvious that those of us on the correct side of the issue encouraged all of our friends to vote. However, given that there is no evidence of multiple votes from the same people, it's as legit as a web poll can get.

Web polls are about the worst way to gauge public opinion for this very reason.

However, Speaker Clark's poll is not dead. It's been resurrected on my blog, over on the right hand side. Please only vote once, but encourage your friends to vote.

I'm asking people on both sides of the issue to vote and encourage others to vote.



craig41 said...

I think the room of monkeys is a pretty good idea. They couldn't do worse than what happened last time.

JM Bell said...

I voted HONESTLY! I voted my CONSCIENCE! Then - THEN - I saw that I could have voted for a room full of monkeys and - I have not voted honestly, and I seem to have not voted my conscience either.

Once you have a room full of Monkeys ... well, what else is there?