Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bob Bennett: Club For Growth Grossly Misleads Americans

From a Bob Bennett for Senate press release (emphasis mine):

Salt Lake City – Senator Bob Bennett’s campaign today responded to the inaccurate campaign ad released by Club for Growth regarding Bennett’s bipartisan and revenue-neutral health care reform plan.

“It looks like the negative campaign season has started early with this grossly inaccurate Club for Growth ad on Bennett’s bipartisan, self-financing Healthy Americans Act (HAA) to reform our broken health care system,” said Jim Bennett, spokesman for the campaign. “Senator Bennett is absolutely opposed to a government run health care system and saying otherwise is 100 percent false. Bennett’s bill is the only health care plan that would put Americans in charge of their own health care dollars, create competition in the private markets, and drive down the escalating costs of care that Americans can no longer afford.”

“Liberal groups are strongly opposed to Bennett’s plan because it doesn’t include a government-run option, so the Club for Growth must be reading a different bill,” Jim Bennett said. “It is unfortunate that the Club for Growth does not appear to embrace the principles of the Bennett bill such as choice, portability, tax reform, incentives for healthy behavior and would throw money on a campaign ad that hinders solving the health care crisis with a free market, patient-driven plan.”

“This attack is consistent with the inaccuracies about Senator Bennett’s plan that have been perpetuated by his political opponents,” jim Bennett added. “Coinciding with the Club for Growth’s politically-motivated attack, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has decided to run a negative campaign that deliberately misrepresents the Senator’s position. And while Shurtleff offers no solutions, other than a suggestion that health care reform can be accomplished through $49 grocery store clinics, Senator Bennett is on the front lines proposing real reform consistent with conservative principles.”

To see a point-by point rebuttal to the ad, read the press release here.

Watch the ad here:

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